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Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore Entry Fee

  • No Entry Fee
  • 20 per person for Boat Rides

Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore Phone


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Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore Address: Mudukuthore, Mysore, Karnataka, 571122, India

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Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore Timings

Day Timing
Monday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is a revered Shiva temple near Mysore. It is one of the five Shiva temples in the region, which are popularly known as the panchalingas. Mallikarjuna Temple is in Mudukuthore, while the other temples are in Talakadu.

Mudukuthore (officially known as Thirumalakudu Bettahalli) is also close to Talakadu. And it is on the banks of the River Kaveri. Mudukuthore has been named so because the river takes a turn here and flows forward. “Muduku” means diversion, and “thore” means flow forward.

Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is a scenic pilgrimage centre. And devotees come here to take blessings from Lord Shiva. Once in around 12 years, you can also be a part of the special ‘Panchalinga Darshana’ worship. It also includes a visit to the other four ancient Shiva temples – Arkeshwara, Maraleshwara, Pataleshwara and Vaidhyanatheshwara.

Legend of Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

Mallikarjuna Temple is on a hill in Mudukuthore. And as per the legends, Arjuna (one of the Pandavas) stayed on that hill. He carved the idol of Lord Shiva for puja. And the temple got its name from the “Mallika” flower, which he used during his ritual.

Architecture of Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple

The temple is on the small Somagiri hill. And as you climb the steps to the temple, two “Nandi'' bull statues will welcome you to the spacious courtyard. The temple walls are decorated with beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from Indian mythologies. It has a tall deepasthamba, and after the courtyard you'll get to the sanctum which houses the Shivalinga.

Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore Image Galley

Things to do in Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple

1. Savouring the views – In Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple, you can worship the Shivalinga, as well as Sri Bhramarambhika Devi. The steps and covered walkway also offer a panoramic view of the greenery and the river flowing past.

2. Exploring Somanathapura village – The nearby village Somanathapura also has a few temples which people visit during the trip to Mudukuthore. Chennakeshava Temple, built during the rule of the Hoysala dynasty, is especially popular. But another one worth visiting is Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple. These have beautiful wall carvings depicting incidents from Indian mythology.

3. Being a part of the Panchalinga Darshana – Panchalinga Darshana is a holy ritual celebrated once in 12 years. People visit and worship in the five Shiva temples in the area, including the Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Devasthanam (Temple). But if you come to Mudukuthore on any other day, you can visit the other four temples nearby.

4. Visiting Keerthinarayana Temple – Keerthinarayana Temple is another historic temple near the revered panchalinga temples. It was built by the Hoysalas, and it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. And here, you'll see the main temple, a grand stone entranceway and various stone inscriptions all over the place.

5. Enjoying the annual fair – An annual festive fair (during January-February) is celebrated at Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple for a week. And during those days, locals come here to sell various agricultural products and cattle. This fair is famous in the region and attracts thousands of visitors.

6. Boating in River Kaveri – Near Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, you can also enjoy a boat ride down the river. And on the bank, you can also have a picnic with your group.

Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Timings and Entry Fee

Mallikarjuna temple timings aren’t fixed. But this temple, as well as the other panchalinga temples, open at around 8 AM. And you can have darshan until 6 PM.

Also, no fee is required for entry or darshan in the temple. But the nearby boat rides are chargeable. The fee for these 30-minute rides varies. But usually, it is ₹20 per person.

Best time to visit Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple

The climate is moderate the entire year, but winter is the best time to visit Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore. Winter begins around October-November, and the weather remains pleasant until February. The heat is low and the view is clear. And you'll be able to explore all the nearby temples comfortably.

Also, if you visit in winter, you can enjoy the annual fair and Maha Shivaratri festival. Both are held around January-February.

Time to explore Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

It should take you about an hour to explore Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple. But, since the temple is away from Mysore, you'll need almost an entire day for the visit.

And while you visit this Shiva temple, you can also take blessings from the other pilgrim centres nearby. These include the other four Shiva temples in Talakadu, Keerthinarayana Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the two temples in Somanathapura village.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Mallikarjuna Temple

  • Take your hat and sunscreen.
  • Carry a bottle of water and packed food.
  • Wear comfortable shoes/slippers.

How to reach Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple?

Mudukuthore is officially known as Thirumalakudu Bettahalli and it is about 60 km away from Mysore. The temple is on the banks of the River Kaveri. And the nearest airport and railway station is in Mysore.

You can go to Mallikarjuna Temple easily from Mysore. You can also visit it during your Talakadu tour, as Mudukuthore is only 4 km away.

And the only way to reach Mudukuthore is by road.

By bus – You can get a bus from Mysore for Mudukuthore. Public government buses of KSRTC and private buses, both are available.

By cab – You can also book a cab from top car rental companies in Mysore for Mudukuthore to visit Mallikarjuna Temple and enjoy other activities around. With a private cab, you can visit Mallikarjuna Temple in Mudukuthore, other panchalinga temples in Talakadu and the temples in Somanathapura village. You’ll also be able to enjoy a picnic and boating for as long as you want.

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Location Map for Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Mysore

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