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1 Day Mysore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab
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1 Day Bangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab
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Mysore now known as Mysuru is one of the most important cities in the country in terms of historical reigns. Rich in history, with a brilliant royal legacy, it is well known as The City of Palaces for its imperial architecture.

Mysore is famous for its exquisite collection of silk sarees and sandalwood items. Mysore, located in the Chamundi Hills is the third most populous city in Karnataka, and its rich legacy draws millions of tourists all year.

Beyond palaces, Mysore offers a wide variety of sightseeing places. Temples, gardens, and museums across the city attract visitors from across the globe. Planning a three-day trip to Mysore will allow you to visit a multitude of places for a fun trip with family and friends.

The imperial city of Mysore has abundant places to visit for tourists with varying interests. Here is the list of places to visit in Mysore in 3 Days:

Mysore Places to Visit in 3 days
Day 1 Mysore Places to Visit
  • Mysore Palace
  • Jaganmohan Palace
  • Mysore Zoo
  • Lalitha Mahal Palace
Day 2 Mysore Places to Visit
  • Edmuri Falls
  • Balmuri Falls
  • Chamundeshwari Temple
  • Brindavan Gardens
Day 3 Mysore Places to Visit
  • Folklore Museum
  • Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
1. Mysore Palace
Places to Visit Mysore Palace, Mysore

Renowned for its magnificence, the elegant Mysore Palace attracts tourists from across the globe. It is a spectacular example of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The old palace has a majestic structure and is the former residence of the royal family of Mysore.

Popularly referred to as the Amba Vilas Palace, it exudes sheer opulence. It is the second most visited historical monument by both domestic and international tourists. You can observe the beauty of the palace during the annual Dasara celebrations.

2. Brindavan Gardens
Places to Visit Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

The Brindavan Gardens spans 60 acres near the Cauvery River. Popular among tourists and locals alike, Brindavan Gardens is the best place to unwind in the lap of nature. Constructed in 1932 by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir Mirza Ismail, the garden attracts millions of tourists each year. The finest experiences of the garden include the well-synchronized fountain display with music and the well-manicured lawn with flowerbeds.

3. Edmuri Falls

Edmuri Falls, also known as Yedmuri Falls is a charming waterfall located on the Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) Marg. It is paired with the neighboring Balmuri Falls. The waterfall, which originates in the Cauvery River, is created when it comes into contact with a 6 feet rocky steep slope on the river's channel.

The waterfall is a visual joy when viewed against the lush green backdrop of the hills and the sparkling water in the distance. It is also a renowned picnic spot and is one of the most popular weekend getaways from the city. You can enjoy swimming in the pool at the base of the waterfall.

4. Jaganmohan Palace
Places to Visit Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore

The Jaganmohan Palace, located in the royal city of Mysore, is a magnificent structure with an illustrious past. It was utilized by the Wodeyars of Mysore when their main house, Amba Vilas Palace, was being renovated following a fire.

It is one of the city's seven palaces and is regarded as one of the most magnificent contributions of the city's Wodeyar Kings during their rule. The Jaganmohan Palace was transformed into a spectacular art gallery in 1915, which now displays some of the most stunning works of art to the public.

5. Mysore Zoo
Places to Visit Mysore Zoo, Mysore

One of the best zoological parks in India is Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, better known as the Mysore Zoo. In 1892, Maharaja Wodeyar created this Zoo for the Royals. Furthermore, following independence, it was transferred to the State Government's Department of Parks and Gardens.

The Zoo's thorough layout is what distinguishes it as a unique zoological landscape. One hundred and sixty-eight species inhabit the zoo. You can witness animals ranging from large to small cats, aquatic to terrestrial birds, and primates to reptiles. The world's first cesarean section birth of an elephant at Mysore Zoo brought it worldwide acclaim.

6. Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum houses representative collections of art and crafts from around Karnataka. The museum was established in 1968 and is housed at the Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion on the University of Mysore's Manasagangothri campus.

The University of Mysore has contributed to the study of folklore from its inception, and the museum has been grown to its current level by researchers such as P.R.Thippeswamy, Javaregowda, and Jeesham Paramashivaiah. P.R.Thippeswamy collected items from all around Karnataka to add to the museum's collection.

The museum exhibits not just artifacts but also aspects of music, dance, and theatre. You must visit the museum to see one of the most expansive displays of the state's folk art.

7. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Places to Visit Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary in Srirangapatna is a great place to visit in Mysore on your 3 days trip. It is a sanctuary for bird lovers since it is home to a diverse range of bird species. Being the state's largest bird sanctuary it comprises six islands on the banks of the Kaveri River. The splendor of the surrounding plants and geography, together with the colorful species of birds, provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience for visitors of all ages.

The most popular activities for tourists visiting Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary include bird viewing, boating, and nature photography. The Painted Stork, Common Spoonbill, Asian Openbill Stork, Black-headed Ibis, and Woolly-necked Duck are among the 170 bird species that live here. It also houses animals such as the Bonnet Macaque, Flying Fox, etc.

8. Lalitha Mahal Palace
Places to Visit Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore

Lalitha Mahal Palace was built in 1921 under the command of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV of Mysore for the residence of India's then-Viceroy. It is Mysore's second biggest palace. The enormous palace's architecture was influenced by St. Paul's Cathedral in London, making it one of the most stunning structures to adorn the city's landscape.

The white palace has a large patio and an elegantly constructed viceroy chamber, a banquet hall, a dancing floor, and an Italian marble staircase. The Lalitha Mahal palace allows you to experience imperial life as it was transformed into a heritage hotel in 1974.

9. Sri Chamundeshwari Temple
Places to Visit Sri Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore

The Chamundeshwari Temple is a historic Hindu temple located atop the Chamundi Hills on the eastern outskirts of Mysore. The temple is dedicated to and named after the goddess Durga, and it also has sculptures of Lord Nandi and the Monster Mahishasura. The temple is a must-see site for visitors since it is one of the oldest temples in the city of Mysore.

The Chamundeshwari Temple is a Shakti Peetha and one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas. Located at a height of 3,489 feet, the temple can be reached via a motorable road or by alighting 1000 steps. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Mysore as the city’s prominent monuments are clearly visible from the summit.

10. Balmuri Falls

Balmuri Falls is a man-made waterfall generated by a check dam erected over the Cauvery River. The water flows over the check dam to make a lengthy waterfall. The waterfall gets its name from the river's right turn near the site. Bala translates to right and Muri means curve in Kannada. Balmuri is a mixture of the two terms Bala and Muri.

Balmuri Falls is a fantastic site for leisurely treks or simply sitting and admiring the picturesque splendor. You may enjoy seasonal boat rides or visit the famed Ganapati temple.

More to Explore in Mysore

Mysore has a large number of exciting places to visit on a 3 days trip. You can explore the region thoroughly and also visit the following places.

A visit to the Somnathpura Temple in Mysore will give you an insight into the region's culture. It is named after Somnath, the Hoysala army commander who constructed the area.

If you are a nature lover or like birds, you can visit Shuka Vana. It is a world-record-holding park dedicated to birds. It is home to nearly 2000 birds, and presently holds the Guinness World Record for the most bird species in an aviary.

You must visit the Bonsai Garden if plants are something you are interested in. The Mysore Bonsai Garden has over a hundred distinct species of Bonsai trees scattered throughout a wide estate of roughly 4 acres.

The royal city of Mysore also offers shopping experiences as it is blessed with immense natural and cultural charm. It is famed for the best quality silk sarees, incense sticks, and high-quality perfumes. You can also buy Mysore Paintings and Rosewood Artefacts.

The delightful markets blend the rustic charm of the city with modern trends. You can buy sandalwood oil and soaps at Sandalwood Oil Factory. There are several malls and government-owned outlets where you can get the best deals on the most authentic products.

Mysore features a flavorful array of food. The traditional cuisine is inspired by Udupi cuisine. Dosa, Idli, Vada, and Mysore Pak are some of the most well-known dishes to enjoy in Mysore. Besides Idli and Dosa, you can enjoy a complete traditional meal comprising Shavige Bath, Pongal, Chutneys, Pickles, Vangi Baath (rice with Brinjal curry), and Bisi Bele Bath (a spicy preparation of rice). A wide variety of sweets such as Payasam, Jalebi, Rave Unde, and Ladoo, are also available.

Top Tourism Places to visit in Mysore